Hi, I am Angie!

I am a wife, mother of 3 awesome kids, and a longtime vegan. I love animals, books, music, and photography. I am always happy when I'm able to catch a sunrise and/or sunset and if I see a rainbow, it's the best day ever.

As a photographer, I work really hard to be more than a picture taker. I like to call myself a picture maker. I try to anticipate moments and act quickly. I see the bigger picture and the tiny details. I want my pictures to evoke emotion, especially joy and wonder. I also want my images to be thought provoking. I'd much prefer to be called a storyteller than an artist. I love imperfection in photography like a wild haired portrait, a chocolate ring around a child's mouth, dirty knees, grass stains, real life stuff. The kinds of things that tell a story. Let's get together to tell your story!

Portrait of Thousand Oaks Photographer Angie from Angela Valerie Photography